Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club 2nd Live! Information

Information about Nijigasaki High School Idol Club 2nd Live! on Sep 12-13.

NijiGaku's 2nd Live was announced on Apr 12. It will have two parts: Brand New Story (Sep 12, with two sessions) and Back to the TOKIMEKI (Sep 13).

The main website for this event:

Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club 2nd Live! Brand New Story

  • Session 1: 2020-09-12 (Saturday), 12:30
  • Session 1 (repeat screening): 2020-09-19 (Saturday), 12:30
  • Session 2: 2020-09-12 (Saturday), 18:00
  • Session 2 (repeat screening): 2020-09-19 (Saturday), 18:00
  • Venue: Tokyo Garden Theater

Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club 2nd Live! Back to the TOKIMEKI

  • Date: 2020-09-13 (Sunday), 16:00
  • Repeat screening: 2020-09-20 (Sunday), 16:00
  • Venue: Tokyo Garden Theater

Live Stream Details

Each performance will be spectator-less and broadcast via a paid livestream on e+'s video site "Streaming+".

They will be streaming the concerts outside of Japan! e+ claims that the site is limited to a certain set of regions, so check the list of countries and regions to confirm. (The conccerts may still be viewable outside of those countries, but that can't be confirmed until the streams start.)

The international ticket purchase page for each session (e.g. the first session) estimates the duration of the show as 210 minutes (3.5 hours).

Technical issues? Try taking a look at these.

Differences Between the Sessions

The camera angles for the two sessions of Brand New Story (the first day) will differ. From the Love Live! website:

The first one will be more synchronized with the animation, and the second one will be more focused on the performance and facial expression of the cast members.

Other than this, they haven't announced any differences in the content between the sessions, though it's likely that the setlist will change between them.

Replay Screenings

There will be a replay screening, exactly a week later, for each session. A streaming ticket for a given session allows you to watch both the original and replay screenings.

There is no archive, so if you miss either the original or replay screening, you're out of luck—be careful with your schedule!

Ticket Details

Tickets are first-come-first-serve. There's technically a ticket limit, which is likely based on the capacity of the streaming service.

  • One session: 4800 JPY (tax included); will be available to buy until the replay screening for that session starts
  • (Japan-only) All three sessions: 12960 JPY (tax included); will be available to buy until Sep 9 20:00

e+ (International) Ticket Sales

Access the ticket sales link here:

Payment methods: Credit card (Visa/Mastercard), Alipay

Eligible countries and regions (according to e+):

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • South Korea
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • United States

(The streaming test video has no regional restrictions, so we'll have to take their word for it.)

There are reports of people outside of these places being able to purchase tickets, but it's not clear yet whether the streams themselves will work.

e+ (Japan) Ticket Sales

Access the ticket sales link here:


  1. An e+ account. You need a Japanese phone number to sign up for one—see this page for how to get one. Once you have a phone number, this imgur album shows how to make an account.
  2. A way to pay for tickets on e+: conbini, JP credit card, or JP bank account. You will likely need someone in or from Japan for this—more details here.

Step 0: Select your preferred session(s)

The first option is all three sessions, and then the rest are the individual sessions (should be fairly clear which). Click the big pink button that ends in "視聴チケットはこちら" for the session(s) of your choice.

Step 1: Select your ticket type

There are physical "memorial tickets" available as an optional add-on to your streaming ticket. These will be shipped in early October (domestic shipping only). How to tell which option you're selecting:

  • 視聴券(特典無) doesn't have the physical ticket(s) [option 1 on the screenshot]
  • 視聴券(特典付) does have the physical ticket(s) [option 2 on the screenshot]

Step 2: Number of tickets and login

Select your number of tickets (there's only one choice—1枚—so I don't know why you have to do this), and then login by clicking on the pink "ログイン画面へ" button.

Then enter your ID (probably your email address) and password on the next screen.

Screenshot of the ticket number selection and login button.

Step 3: Reception and payment

The next screen will ask you to select a way to pick up the ticket—there's only one option, again, so pick that.

Then it'll ask you how you want to pay. (See this page for details.) From top to bottom:

  • Credit card (JP only)
  • Convenience store
  • Net banking

Once you've done these, click the pink "次へ" button on the right.

Screenshot of the reception and payment options.

Step 4: Confirm your details, and maybe put in your shipping address

It'll ask you to confirm your ticket details.

If you selected the memorial ticket option, it'll ask for your shipping address at the end with a few questions. (Try to use full-width characters.)

  1. Have you confirmed your ticket details and shipping address? (Click the left option "確認した" to say yes.)
  2. Shipping address: full name
  3. Shipping address: phone number
  4. Shipping address: post code
  5. Shipping address: prefecture (e.g. 東京都)
  6. Shipping address: city and street (everything after the prefecture and before the street number)
  7. Shipping address: street number (e.g. 1-2-3)
  8. Shipping address: floor/apartment number (if you have one; everything after the 1-2-3)

Once you've confirmed everything, press the pink "同意して購入" on the right. Then you'll be finished buying it!

Screenshot of the confirmation and shipping address form.

Original Ticketing Details [Deprecated]

In-person tickets have been canceled—the events will be spectator-less, and the lottery codes will no longer be valid.

This is here for archival purposes.

The only official means (as of May 22) for getting tickets is through ticket lotteries, which will likely be through e+, a Japanese ticketing site. e+ accounts require verification by sending an code via SMS message to a Japanese phone number.

Initial Lottery for Brand New Story (Sep 12)

A lottery code will be included in each physical copy of NijiGaku's first single "無敵級*ビリーバー" (Mutekikyuu*Believer).

  • Application period: Jul 29 12:00 to Aug 4 23:59
  • Results & payment: Aug 8 13:00 to Aug 11 21:00

Additional note:

  • Each lottery code can be used to apply for one ticket for each of the two sessions.
  • (Note from myself) These CDs will most likely not get to you in time to use the lottery codes if you live overseas. Hopefully the CDs ship quickly or you can find someone in Japan to help.

Initial Lottery for Back to the TOKIMEKI (Sep 13)

Lottery codes will be distributed in Love Live! All Stars as a reward for completing Chapter 16 of the main story.

  • Complete Chapter 16 by Jul 24 12:00.
  • Lottery codes will be issued starting from Jul 29 12:00.
  • Application period: Jul 29 12:00 to Aug 4 23:59
  • Results & payment: Aug 8 13:00 to Aug 11 21:00

Additional notes:

  • Each lottery code can be used to apply for one ticket.
  • Check the in-game announcements for details on how to acquire the code.
  • Selling the codes is forbidden, and will nullify the codes in question.
  • The lottery code distribution and application periods are subject to change.

Home Page (HP) Lottery

  • Application period: Aug 8 12:00 to Aug 10 23:59
  • Results & payment: Aug 15 13:00 to Aug 17 21:00

Open Lottery

This lottery requires payment via a Japanese credit card.

  • Application period: Aug 15 12:00 to Aug 17 23:59
  • Results: Aug 21 13:00