Basics of Going to an Event

First, you need a ticket to go—here's a guide!

Once you're there, ONIBE's Aqours First LoveLive! Concert Guide covers the basics of concert etiquette and glowsticks/penlights. (Though it won't help you set your penlight colors for µ's/Saint Snow/NijiGaku/Liella!.)

C&R (Call & Response)

Usually, each girl has a part of her self-introduction where you respond by saying something. We call this a "Call [what they say] and Response [what you say]". Some resources for these:

Call Guides

During many songs, the audience will often chant in unison (more or less) with the music. We refer to these as "calls", and a "call guide" compiles the usual calls for a song or multiple songs.

The usual disclaimers:

  • call guides do not dictate absolute rules,
  • calls may change depending on the situation and audience, and
  • it's totally fine if you're not up to speed on the calls for any particular song. (Follow along with the crowd if you're not sure!)

Meguchii has compiled guides for µ's and NijiGaku (they include C&R too!), with links in these tweets:

For Aqours and Saint Snow songs, gacha4life and several other contributors have put together FuwaFuwaTime:

Setlists and Song Info

There is a detailed listing of LL event setlists and how many times/where each song has been performed so far here: