Saint Snow 1st GIG ~Welcome to Dazzling White Town~ Information

Information on Saint Snow 1st GIG, the first events to feature only Saint Snow from Love Live! Sunshine!!.

Saint Snow will have their very own events for the first time in October and November! They will include both a talk part and live performance.

Official website:


Yokohama Performance

  • Day 1: 2020-10-17 (Saturday), Doors 17:00 / Starts 18:00
  • Day 2, Session 1: 2020-10-18 (Sunday), Doors 12:00 / Starts 13:00
  • Day 2, Session 2: 2020-10-18 (Sunday), Doors 17:00 / Starts 18:00
  • Venue: Pia Arena MM

Sapporo Performance

  • Day 1, Session 1: 2020-11-07 (Saturday), Doors 12:00 / Starts 13:00
  • Day 1, Session 2: 2020-11-07 (Saturday), Doors 17:00 / Starts 18:00
  • Day 2: 2020-11-08 (Sunday), Doors 13:00 / Starts 14:00
  • Venue: Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena

Live Stream

There will be a live stream for each session, with streaming and ticketing on Pia. The streams will be archived until Oct 25 (Yokohama) / Nov 15 (Sapporo), so you can rewatch as much as you want.


  • Per session: 4500 yen (tax in)
  • Weekend ticket (all three sessions): 12150 yen (tax in)

Ticketing (overseas)

Viewing tickets can be bought from overseas—most regions besides China, Russia, N. Korea can view it.

Payment is by credit card only. (Debit cards and Amex cards have had mixed results, so try another card if yours doesn't work.)

Accessing the Stream (overseas)

A couple days before the stream date, you'll be able to access the stream. Here's how to do that:

  1. After buying the ticket, you'll be sent an email with your order number and a link to your purchase history
  2. Use that link to go to your purchase history
  3. Enter your order number (not ticket number!) from the email and your date of birth
  4. Access the stream from there

Ticketing (Japan)

  • Ticket sales:
  • Deadline to buy: Oct 25 21:00 (Yokohama) / Nov 15 21:00 (Sapporo)
  • Access the stream by signing into Cloak, clicking on the performance, and clicking on the "動画視聴URLを引き取る" button on the right to get the URL

There's the option to get a memorial ticket (one for each session) shipped to you (JP addresses only)—the additional cost is only the shipping fee. Yokohama tickets will be shipped in mid-November, and Sapporo tickets will be shipped in early December.

In-Person Tickets

The only official means for getting tickets to see it at the venue is through ticket lotteries on e+, a Japanese ticketing site. e+ accounts require verification by sending an code via SMS message to a Japanese phone number.

Here's my guide to the general ticketing process for Japanese event tickets. Hopefully it'll help answer any questions.

Ticket Info

  • Ticket price: 7800 yen (tax included)
  • Tickets are electronic.
  • You'll need to submit a face photo if you acquire a ticket. e+ will send instructions in mid-October.

"Dazzling White Town" CD Lottery

Each copy of Saint Snow's first single "Dazzling White Town" will include a code to enter this ticket lottery.

  • Application:
  • Entry period: Aug 19 12:00 - Sep 22 23:59
  • Results/payment: Sep 26 13:00 - Sep 28 21:00
  • e+ account required
  • Each serial code can be used to apply for one ticket to every performance.

Open Lottery

  • Application:
  • Entry period: Sep 26 12:00 - Sep 28 23:59
  • Results/payment: Oct 1 13:00
  • e+ account and JP credit card required
  • Some seats might have some difficulty viewing the performers or stage due to the equipment or stage setup

Additional Open Lottery (Sapporo)

Some seats blocked by equipment have been opened up, so an additional lottery will be held for those tickets.

  • Application:
  • Entry period: Oct 10 12:00 - Oct 12 23:59
  • Results/payment: Oct 14 13:00
  • e+ account and JP credit card required
  • Some seats might have some difficulty viewing the performers or stage due to the equipment or stage setup