Prima Porta CALL&GOAL! Release Event Report

A report on the seiyuu unit Prima Porta's release event in Akihabara Gamers at 2020-02-15 14:00.

Prima Porta CALL&GOAL! Release Event Report

Event info: Feb 15 14:00 in Akihabara Gamers 6F

Prima Porta is a new seiyuu unit that debuted a couple months ago! I noted down a brief profile of each member in this Twitter thread, from an early livestream. (Recent addition: you might be familiar with Tomoppe as Mira in Koisuru Asteroid!)

Talk Segment

The event started with self-introductions, leading into a talk segment. They drew from a box to pick topics to talk about. I couldn't remember all the topics, only about half—sorry!

  • Shuchan: "Where would you like to perform [as Prima Porta]?" Her answer was, of course, her home country Australia. She hasn't been back in about 4 years. The 9hr flight back and forth is rough, and one of her flights with a connection was 16hr total...
  • Following up on Shuchan's answer, Mayuchi said they'd like to go overseas. She asked the audience who thought they traveled the furthest, and someone from Oita (on the opposite side of Japan from Tokyo) got called on. (I hesitated to raise my hand, oops.)
  • The others' thoughts on Agupon: weird and sometimes does very strange, inexplicable things (Mayuchi: "but she's cute so it's OK"). She doesn't say a lot but she's good at comforting people and putting them at ease.
  • Agupon towers over Shukina, so she used this to her advantage when Shukina mentioned that she was weird, looking at her with a menacing aura. While Agupon is about the same height as Tomoppe, Agupon definitely looks taller in the album art. "Did I get shorter...?"
  • Voice and dance lessons: Shukina was in charge of this, but she just asked everyone else about their thoughts. Nice delegation skills. A couple of them were pretty new to dancing—this is a group of relatively new seiyuu, after all—so they mentioned it was a bit of a struggle.

Concert Segment

Setlist, with what looked like the centers for each song:

  • CALL&GOAL!: Tomoppe center
  • Asayake Approach: Agupon center
  • Trill de Hajimacchau!: Agupon center
  • GO! BRONCOS GO!: Mayuchi center
  • CALL&GOAL! (Yell for SAITAMA BRONCOS ver.): Tomoppe center

Since the room was flat and the stage was barely elevated, they asked everyone to stay seated during the concert. (I'm pretty sure very few people would be able to see Shukina if everyone were standing...)

Plenty of people did use penlights, and calls were pretty standard (I wasn't familiar enough for some lyrics calls). Based on the penlight colors I could see, Agupon and Shuchan seem to be popular, with Mayuchi following closely. (...LL definitely brings that name recognition.)

During the talk parts in between songs, they introduced a couple of hand signs they use in the choreography and asked us to follow along. These were in "Trill de Hajimacchau!" and "GO! BRONCOS GO!".

More on specific songs:

  • Asayake Approach: one part switched from Agupon in the CD version to Mayuchi in the live performance. (Nobody in the audience noticed... Agupon looked disappointed at us, saying roughly "you have a long way to go"...)
  • GO! BRONCOS GO!: the dance for this is particularly intense. Mayuchi mentioned her arm got tired from the fist pumping [not sure if I can describe it better] in the chorus. On the other hand, Agupon said she was fine, and flexed her right arm! Then Mayuchi flexed too...

Mayuchi also asked if anyone knew what "Broncos" meant. (They're the Saitama Broncos, a basketball team based in Saitama.) But the person she called on said "Saitama"—technically right! They made some jokes like "hey let's go up to Broncos!".

For some reason, there was also a discussion of each other's butts.

Agupon: "[Mayuchi] has a nice butt."
[butt touching ensues]
Shukina: "You're right, it has a good squish to it."
Mayuchi: "Sometimes I check it myself... it's quite nice and squishy."
Shuchan: "Agupon, though... there's nothing there."
Agupon: *walks off stage, looking offended*
me, internally: "...are you sure it's all right for us to be hearing this conversation"

At the end of the concert part, they gave brief farewell speeches. Shuchan did her speech first in English, then in Japanese. (The others had a bit of trouble—"is this an English test?") They mentioned that the live stream tomorrow (Feb 16) will have an announcement. 👀


Finally, we ended with a 見送り会—they stood behind a table, and we walked past, getting to talk to them a bit before leaving. As a coronavirus precaution, they all put on face masks. Mayuchi's mask didn't cover her nose, though... (80-90% of the audience had face masks on too.

I told Shuchan "please come to America!" in English. She (plus Shukina, who was next to her) looked shocked to hear that—her eyes widened—and thanked me. 🤣

This report was also posted as a Twitter thread.

Post-event tweets from staff and the members

You can see their outfits pretty well here. (Shuchan twintails... 👀)