Poppin'Party Fan Meeting in Nagoya Report

A report on Poppin' Party's Fan Meeting event in Zepp Nagoya on 2019-09-05.

Poppin'Party Fan Meeting in Nagoya Report

This Fan Meeting was held in Zepp Nagoya on 2019-09-05, with Saechi (Otsuka Sae), Hasshi (Ohashi Ayaka), and Itou Ayasa.

They started out with a skit read off a script. Tae, Saaya, and Arisa have somehow ended up in Nagoya (not knowing how they got there). As they're about to start a street performance, they see a blindingly bright light...

After the skit, they came out and greeted us with a bit of free talk, then started the variety segments.

First up: Saechi singing about a concept that the other two have to draw and then guess.

  • Nagoya Castle: Hasshi drew a massive fish on top of some triangles and rectangles.
  • Rokka: Saechi started off by describing a bunch of circles... so the other two drew big circles in the middle of their pages.
  • Kira Kira Doki Doki: Saechi said that for Kasumi, it was stars, and for Rimi it might be choco coronets.

Next segment: solving a physical puzzle, hosted by Hasshi/Saaya but really a collaborative effort. Hasshi holding the puzzle:

Saechi solved it in 1m18s, even though they got 10 minutes for this segment... They spent the rest of the time trying (and failing) to put it back together.

After this was a segment where Ayasa dances about a concept and the other two try to guess it.

  1. Rocket: they guessed (and I would've guessed) fish, but didn't get it in the end
  2. Kasumi, rejected at the fare gates (presumably because she didn't have enough on her transit card): they didn't get the specific phrasing but guessed the general situation

At this point, Hasshi and Ayasa got to try dancing.

Ayasa got "Roselia". She did Aiai-like motions until they guessed Yukina, then she played the (air) guitar and they got it.

Hasshi got "miso udon" (Nagoya is known for miso) and made some noodly moves as well as eating motions, but they didn't guess the specific type...

As a bonus, they acted out "Roselia" with Hasshi as Megu, Ayasa as Aiai, and Saechi as Kudoharu. It was pretty funny and a little too accurate (Hasshi with the big smile on her face like Megu's!).

As the final talk segment, we helped make a theme song for the fan meeting. The song, eventually called "Nagoya o Tabetai", is basically about eating various things in Nagoya (suggested by the audience). There's some hype "whoawhoa"ing and singing "tabetai" along with them. It's a good song!

Finally, they went off stage and came back for the live segment. The setlist:

  1. BOF
  2. 8月のif
  3. Time Lapse

Since Aimi wasn't there for the main vocals, they split vocals between them (mostly Ayasa for Time Lapse, Hasshi for 8月).

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