Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Anime OP/ED Release Event: Tokimeki RanranRunrun Go!

Information on the Nijigasaki Anime OP/ED release event "Tokimeki RanranRunrun Go!".

This is an online event to celebrate the release of the anime opening and ending theme singles.

Official website:


  • Date and time: 2020-12-26 16:00
  • Attendees: Nijigasaki High School Idol Club (Yano Hinaki, Onishi Aguri, Sagara Mayu, Maeda Kaori, Kubota Miyu, Murakami Natsumi, Kito Akari, Sashide Maria, Tanaka Chiemi)

There are 2 parts to the event. The total duration is planned to be about 1.5 hours.

  • Part 1: Talk session. This will be streamed for free, and will have an archive available.
  • Part 2: Live performance. Viewing this requires redeeming the serial codes included with the CDs for the opening and ending themes.

Accessing the talk session (free)

Watch it on YouTube:

Accessing talk + live performance (paid)

Step 1: Buy the OP and ED CDs

You need both. Make sure you can get them in time for the deadline below.

Step 2: Redeem the codes in them

  • Deadline to enter your codes: Dec 20 23:59
  • Viewing info will be sent around Dec 23

Go to and click the big "応募する" button in the middle. Enter the serial codes and your info in the form it leads to. They'll send an email to the address that you list in the form with a code to view the stream.

Step 3: Watching it

The stream will be on the MixBox website, and will include both the talk session and the live performance. You'll need to enter the code that you got from the email above to watch the stream—instructions will be in the email.

Access it here once you have the code:

Notes on MixBox:

  • Viewing this required setting the system timezone to JP and setting up a VPN to Japan.
  • The video player may show a serial code identifying you—this is reportedly to protect against recording and screenshots of the video