Love Live! SIF Series Kanshasai 2020 (Suspended)

Information about the Love Live! SIF (School Idol Festival) Series Kanshasai 2020 on Apr 11-12.

On the 2020-01-31 Aqours livestream, they announced the Love Live! SIF (School Idol Festival) Series Kanshasai 2020.

Update (2020-03-09)

The event has been canceled due to concerns about the novel coronavirus COVID-19. For tickets already printed, you must go back to the store you printed them at (by May 31) to get a refund. For unprinted tickets, the refund will be applied to your credit card.

Original Information

  • Dates: Apr 11 (Sat) - Apr 12 (Sun)
  • Priority entry: 08:30-09:30 / Regular entry: 10:00-17:30
  • Venue: Sunshine City (Ikebukuro), Exhibition Halls A-D

The main website for the event:

SIF Kanshasai (スクフェス感謝祭) is an annual event celebrating SIF, with sales of new merch, exhibitions, and talk stage events (a couple of which often have announcements). This is the first time it's been held since the release of SIF All Stars, which explains the "SIF Series" in the title.

Stage Events

LL staff announced the stage event schedule on the 2020-02-24 NijiGaku livestream. There are two stages:

  • one at the Fountain Plaza, which is an open space that everyone can view, and
  • the Main Stage, which only people with stage viewing tickets can enter. (See Ticketing Information for more on tickets.)

Day 1 (Apr 11)

  • 11:00: Opening Ceremony (Agupon, Mayuchi, Miyutan) at the Fountain Plaza.
  • 13:30: LLAS Stage ~Day 1~ (Agupon, Mayuchi, Miyutan) at the Main Stage.
  • 16:00: SIFAC Special (Suwawa, Shukashuu, Furirin) at the Main Stage. This is prerecorded, and will be uploaded after the event.

Day 2 (Apr 12)

  • 11:00: SIF TV 7th Anniversary Special (Anchan, Rikyako, Shukashuu) at the Main Stage. This is prerecorded, and will be uploaded after the event.
  • 13:00: LLAS Stage ~Day 2~ (all of NijiGaku) at the Main Stage.
  • 15:00: NijiGaku Radio Public Recording (Miyutan, Tomoriru, Chemi) at the Fountain Plaza.
  • 17:00: Closing Ceremony (all of NijiGaku) at the Fountain Plaza.

Ticketing Information

During the 2020-01-31 Aqours livestream, they announced 2 stages of Kanshasai tickets: priority entry tickets and stage viewing tickets.

If you just want to go to Kanshasai and don't need priority entry or stage viewing tickets, there are usually general admission tickets that you can buy without lottery. Expect details for those within a month before.

Ticket sales will be held on CN Play Guide, and requires an account. (Signing up for a CN Play Guide account may require verification of a Japanese phone number via phone call.)

Priority entry ticket lotteries: these tickets let you enter first and come with application tickets for the stage events. There will be two rounds of lotteries:

  1. Feb 10 12:00 - Feb 18 23:59 (results Feb 21)
  2. Mar 4 12:00 - Mar 10 23:59 (results Mar 13)

Ticket application link:

Stage ticket lottery: Mar 17 12:00 - Mar 22 23:59 (results Mar 25)

Stage tickets are for reserved seats during the stage events. This lottery requires a corresponding priority entry ticket.

There is also a LLAS giveaway for priority entry tickets. If you win these through LLAS, the ticket will come with 3000 yen of merch from the event!

To enter the LLAS Kanshasai ticket giveaway:

  1. Clear KOKORO Magic "A to Z" five times between Feb 4 15:00 - Feb 10 14:59.
  2. If you do step 1, you will receive a serial code to apply at about Feb 12 15:00. The code can be found in your announcements (the title is "スクフェス感謝祭2020ステージ観覧申し込み券付き優先入場券応募用シリアルコードのご案内").
  3. Use the serial code to apply between Feb 12 12:00 - Feb 18 23:59 on CNplayguide: For each serial code, you can submit one application, and each application lets you apply for one ticket.
  4. Results for the LLAS giveaway will be on Feb 21.
The announcement where you can find the serial code to apply.