Love Live! Overseas Events

Information on the Love Live! Overseas Events kickoff meeting in Tokyo on 2024-02-25, and eventually the overseas events themselves.

There will be overseas screenings related to the Love Live 10th Anniversary Special Talk Session and Orchestra Concert. It's not clear yet what they will be screening.

These are primarily run by SPACEY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT—Pile's agency—rather than the Love Live! project (which is listed as support).

Official website:

Kickoff Meeting

Before the overseas events will be a "kickoff meeting" in Japan. There will be not only talk, but also a few songs sung by the cast.

  • Session 1: 2024-02-25 (Sunday), Doors 12:30 / Starts 13:00
  • Session 2: 2024-02-25 (Sunday), Doors 16:30 / Starts 17:00
  • Venue: The Garden Hall
  • Cast: Nitta Emi (Honoka), Pile (Maki)
  • Also appearing: Kisara Youhei, producer of the original Love Live! anime and for µ's. He'll also be the producer for this event.

Stream Tickets

Both sessions of this event will have paid live streams.

Unlike most Love Live! events, you buy these streams through the Bitfan website. They accept credit card and PayPal, so it's probably overseas-friendly. (At least, one would hope so.)

  • Buy at:
  • Tickets are 3500 yen (tax in) per session, plus processing fees.
  • Sales available: 2024-02-22 17:00 to 2024-03-03 22:00
  • Archive available: after each session ends, until 2024-03-03 23:59

In-person Tickets

Unlike most Love Live! events, tickets are mostly on the Funity website. The last round of first come first serve sales is also available on e+.

Tickets are 7000 yen each (tax in) and come with a bonus 10th anniversary wristband, either in a Honoka or Maki version (at random).

Lottery #1

Lottery #2

First Come First Serve Sales

This round of sales is not by lottery.

Same-Day Tickets

There will be some same-day tickets, thanks to seats being freed up from the friends and family section. They'll be sold at the venue starting at 2024-02-25 11:30.

Round 1: Taipei, Seoul, Guangzhou

The first round of events will be in East Asia.

More details will be announced later.


  • Day 1: 2024-06-29 (Saturday)
  • Day 2: 2024-06-30 (Sunday)


  • Day 1: 2024-07-19 (Friday)
  • Day 2: 2024-07-20 (Saturday)


  • Day 1: 2024-08-24 (Saturday)
  • Day 2: 2024-08-25 (Sunday)