Liella! Public Radio and Stream Recording 2024

Information on the public recording sessions for Liella!'s radio and streams in April 2024.

Members of Liella! will be hosting public recordings of their radio (LieRadi!) and stream on 2024-05-11.

Official website:


  • Date: 2024-05-11
  • Venue: Sanrio Puroland Entertainment Hall
  • Cast: Misaki Nako (Arashi), Yabushima Akane (Mei), Yuina (Margarete), Sakakura Sakura (Tomari)

There are three parts:

  • Liella! Radio Public Recording 1: Doors 12:00 / Start 12:30
  • Liella! Radio Public Recording 2: Doors 15:00 / Start 15:30
  • Liella! Special Stream: Doors 18:00 / Start 19:00

In-person Tickets

To obtain a ticket to attend, you (usually) must enter a lottery, and if you win you'll get to pay for the ticket. Applications are on the e+ website.

Click here for a guide to ticket applications on e+. (If you applied for tickets before 2020, some things have changed, so you may want to read this.)

Tickets cost 6500 yen each (tax in) and come with a set of 4 can badges.


Unlike most Love Live! events, on e+ this uses SumaChike (スマチケ), e-tickets on the app. Therefore:

  • You'll need to apply using a mobile browser.
  • When downloading your ticket or sending tickets to others, you may need to verify (via SMS) the phone number of the account you used to apply. Make sure you maintain access to it.

Homepage Lottery

  • Apply at:
  • Apply within: 2024-04-20 12:00 to 2024-04-29 23:59
  • Results/payment: 2024-05-03 13:00 to 2024-05-06 18:00
  • You can apply for up to 2 tickets for each part.

Open Lottery

  • Apply at:
  • Apply within: 2024-04-30 12:00 to 2024-05-06 23:59
  • Results/payment: 2024-05-09
  • You can apply for up to 2 tickets for each part.
  • Payment is by Japanese credit card only.