Liella! 2nd Album Meet & Greet Event

Information on Liella!'s meet & greet event in May 2023.

The Liella! cast will have 1-on-1 meet & greet sessions to celebrate the release of their 2nd album Second Sparkle.

Official website:

Basic Info

  • Date: 2023-05-05 (Friday)
  • Venue: in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Only applicants who are selected will be informed of the specific location.
  • Staff will verify your identity when entering the event venue. You will need to bring a photo ID with the name and address matching the account you used to apply. (If you're not a resident/citizen of Japan, this will probably be your passport. The address part may be difficult; some passports have a field to write your overseas address, but others don't. I can't guarantee you'll be able to get through with a passport that doesn't list the address in Japan you specified.)
  • You will get about 20 seconds to talk to the cast member. They'll pass you a bonus postcard—the reason for the Japanese name of this kind of event: お渡し (passing) 会 (meeting).
  • You can't pick which time slot you get within your session.

Date Sayuri (Kanon)

  • Animate: 12:00-12:20
  • Gamers: 12:20-12:40

Liyuu (Keke)

  • Animate: 12:50-13:10
  • Gamers: 13:10-13:30

Misaki Nako (Chisato)

  • Animate: 13:40-14:00
  • Gamers: 14:00-14:20

Payton Naomi (Sumire)

  • Animate: 14:30-14:50
  • Gamers: 14:50-15:10

Aoyama Nagisa (Ren)

  • Animate: 15:20-15:40
  • Gamers: 15:40-16:00

Suzuhara Nozomi (Kinako)

  • Animate: 16:10-16:30
  • Gamers: 16:30-16:50

Yabushima Akane (Mei)

  • Animate: 17:00-17:20
  • Gamers: 17:20-17:40

Ookuma Wakana (Shiki)

  • Animate: 17:50-18:10
  • Gamers: 18:10-18:30

Emori Aya (Natsumi)

  • Animate: 18:40-19:00
  • Gamers: 19:00-19:20


Buy either edition of Second Sparkle from the corresponding shop (Animate or Gamers) to get a lottery application code.

  • Apply by 2023-04-17 23:59.
  • The results will be announced in late April.
  • Each code can be used to apply for one session with one cast member.


If you're buying online, order by 2023-04-11 23:59. The application code will be on a slip packaged with the CD.


If you're buying online, buy by 2023-04-17 23:59. (But probably earlier, because applying will take a few minutes.) The application code will be emailed to you.