Hasunosora 103rd Year Fes×ReC:LIVE ~first crossing~

Information on Hasunosora's virtual concerts held in Zepp Haneda in September 2024.

The name is rather puzzling, but at least staff offered an explanation when announcing it: This event is a "virtual concert with spectators", held in a physical venue, where you can experience the members' performance.

My interpretation: The 2D members will be shown performing using screens/projections/etc., and the cast won't be appearing in person—only the characters are listed as performers. The contents will likely recreate the Fes×LIVE virtual concerts of Hasunosora's 103rd Year (April 2023 to March 2024).

Official website: https://lovelive-anime.jp/hasunosora/live-event/live_detail.php?p=FRL

Basic Info

  • Venue: Zepp Haneda
  • Session 1: 2024-09-12 (Thursday), Doors 18:00 / Starts 19:00
  • Session 2: 2024-09-13 (Friday), Doors 12:00 / Starts 13:00
  • Session 3: 2024-09-13 (Friday), Doors 15:00 / Starts 16:00
  • Session 4: 2024-09-13 (Friday), Doors 18:00 / Starts 19:00

The 6 members of the 102nd and 103rd classes of Hasunosora Jogakuin School Idol Club will be the main performers:

  • Hinoshita Kaho
  • Murano Sayaka
  • Otomine Kozue
  • Yugiri Tsuzuri
  • Osawa Rurino
  • Fujishima Megumi

In-person Tickets

To obtain a ticket to attend, you (usually) must enter a lottery, and if you win you'll get to pay for the ticket. Applications are usually on the e+ website.

Click here for a guide to ticket applications on e+. (If you applied for tickets before 2020, some things have changed, so you may want to read this.)

Warning: These are SumaChike tickets!

Unlike most Love Live! events, this uses SumaChike (スマチケ), e-tickets on the e+ app. Therefore:

  • You'll need to apply using a mobile browser.
  • The app is only available in the Japan App Store/Play Store, so you may have to VPN to Japan or pull some similar hijinks to download it.
  • When downloading your ticket or sending tickets to others, you may need to verify (via SMS) the phone number of the account you used to apply. Make sure you maintain access to it.

Ticket Types

  • 1F Standing: 8000 yen (tax in)
  • 2F Reserved Seats: 8000 yen (tax in)

For the 1F standing tickets, you'll be assigned

  • an entry number
  • a block

Entry is in order of the entry numbers: when they call your number—or a range that your number is in—then you can go in.

The standing area is divided into blocks, and you can stand anywhere within your block (as long as there's space, of course).

Lottery #1

To enter this lottery:

  • Have an account on the Link! Like! Love Live! (LLLL) app, as well as an e+ account.
  • By 2024-06-20 23:59: Complete the beginner missions (初心者ミッション) in the LLLL app
  • Get the application code and URL in the news section of the Link! Like! Love Live! app. (It's unclear when these will be posted.)
  • Apply on the e+ website at the URL you find above.
  • Apply within: 2024-07-01 12:00 to 2024-07-15 23:59
  • Results/payment: 2024-07-20 13:00 to 2024-07-23 21:00
  • Each code will let you submit one application for each session. On each application, you can apply for either 1 or 2 tickets. (For each application, you either win or lose—if the application is for 2 tickets, you win either 2 tickets or 0 tickets.) So you can win up to 2 * 4 = 8 tickets. (But realistically, the odds of doing so are quite low.)