Hasunosora Jogakuin School Idol Club OPENING LIVE EVENT: Bloom the Dream

Information on the Hasunosora opening live event "Bloom the Dream" on 2023-06-04.

Hasunosora Jogakuin School Idol Club OPENING LIVE EVENT: Bloom the Dream

The Hasunosora Jogakuin School Idol Club will perform their first "major" live event in June 2023.

Official website: https://www.lovelive-anime.jp/news/01_1658.html

Basic Info

Each session of this event will have a talk part and live performance by the cast members.

  • Session 1: 2023-06-04 (Sunday), Doors 13:30 / Start 14:30
  • Session 2: 2023-06-04 (Sunday), Doors 17:30 / Start 18:30
  • Venue: Pacifico Yokohama, National Convention Hall

Stream Info

Both sessions will have a paid live stream.

  • Ticket price: 3500 yen (tax in) per session
  • If you have a ticket to see one of the sessions in person, you'll get a 500-yen coupon that you can use on the Japan version of e+. Check your ticket application details to find the coupon code and page to buy at. The coupon info will be posted by 2023-05-24 10:00.
  • Sales period: 2023-05-21 12:00 to 2023-06-11 21:00
  • Archive available: 2023-06-04 23:00 to 2023-06-11 23:59

Overseas Tickets

Buy at:

Japan Tickets

Buy at:

Purchasers of JP tickets can also choose to get a paper "memorial ticket" for each stream—this incurs a shipping fee. Shipping is to addresses in Japan only.

In-person Tickets

The ticket lottery is on the Japan version of e+. Click here for a guide to ticket applications on e+. (If you applied for tickets before 2020, some things have changed, so you may want to read this.)

Tickets are 6800 yen each (tax in), and attendees will be (randomly) assigned seats.

Lottery #1: Dream Believers CD

An application code to enter the first ticket lottery is included with each Dream Believers CD. (It's on the same paper slip as the 4/21 release event application code; flip it over if you can't find this one.)

Lottery #2: Reflection in the Mirror and Sparkly Spot CDs

An application code to enter the second ticket lottery is included with each CD of Cerise Bouquet's and DOLLCHESTRA's 1st singles.

Lottery #3: Open Lottery

This is open to anyone with a Japanese e+ account.

Same-Day Tickets

This round of sales is not by lottery! Sales will end once tickets run out.

These (very few) seats were freed up by equipment rearrangement.

  • Buy at: https://eplus.jp/hasunosora-dreambelievers-oplive/
  • Sales start: 2023-06-04 10:00
  • Payment is by Japanese credit card only.
  • You may buy up to 2 tickets for each session.
  • Unlike the other tickets (which use face recognition for entry), these tickets will be digital tickets ("SumaChike") on the e+ mobile app. The app is only on the Japan versions of the Apple/Google app stores. You'll need to log in with your account on the app and, upon downloading the ticket, verify the account's phone number with SMS.

Want to order the CDs?

CDJapan ships overseas, and from personal experience (shipping to the US), items come fairly quickly if you order ahead and choose DHL/FedEx. Links to buy from CDJapan:

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