Aqours Back In First LoveLive! ~Step! ZERO to ONE~ Information

Information on the Aqours First LoveLive! screening in Mielparque Hall (Tokyo) on 2020-03-01.

On the 2020-01-31 Aqours livestream, they announced an Aqours First LoveLive! screening in Mielparque Hall (Tokyo) on 2020-03-01, which will show the Blu-Ray footage of the concert.

Update: the 1st Live screenings have been cancelled and the 5th Anniversary announcements have been postponed, due to the coronavirus situation in Japan. However, they will be streaming Aqours 1st Live on YouTube at the same times:

Original Information

  • Day 1 screening: starts 11:45, ticket price 2500 JPY
  • Day 2 screening: starts 16:30, ticket price 4000 JPY

The Day 2 screening will also include a "Aqours 5th Anniversary Announcement Conference" (to be livestreamed), with Aqours cast appearing during the conference part only.

Ticket sales are through Aqours CLUB 2019, and require an e+ account. (e+ accounts require SMS verification of a Japanese phone number.) The lottery entry periods will be

  • Round 1: Feb 5 12:00 - Feb 10 18:00 (Results: Feb 15 13:00)
  • Round 2 (credit card only): Feb 21 12:00 - Feb 25 18:00

Link (requires login):

Important note about Aqours CLUB lotteries: it is an unwritten rule that the name on the account must match the name on the e+ account. (There are no reported instances of anyone winning a CLUB lottery with a name mismatch.)

If you do obtain a ticket, you may be ID checked upon entry to the venue. Three things will be required to authenticate you:

  1. The ticket
  2. Photo ID (e.g. passport) that matches the name on the ticket
  3. Aqours CLUB 2019 digital membership card: log into the CLUB website on your phone (screenshots are not accepted).